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The argument was:
"70% to 80% of people I met of group X had property Y."

That IS an argument even though you don't like that some people of group X had property Y.

I really don't care about the topic of your arguments, but I'm kind of an argument troll. I hate it when people take sound arguments, try to put them in a weaker position where they can find an counter-argument and act like they had a superior position in the discussion. You made a strawman argument by reducing his experience to a single event.  

Your point was just weak and didn't make much sense. Here are some better counter arguments:

  • The ideals of the (relativly loose) movement outweights the assholes at the borders. And every political ideology has very narrow minded idiots. That doesn't make they point invalid.
  • Meeting n assholes of a group with N members where N is very large and n is relativly small doesn't make a trend. (Don't use anecdotal arguments.)
  • etc.

If you try to make a point, make a valid one! (Ergo: I really don't care if naich acknowledged his weak position or not.)

TL;DR: Bad arguments for good ideas are still bad arguments.

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