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January 21 2020

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January 18 2020

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January 17 2020

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January 13 2020

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Especially faith is basically immune against that. It's build upon irrational mythology with the goal to tell stories - which is fair enough. Thousands or at least hundreds of years later and you can still find interesting and everlasting ideas in the Bible, the Edda and even the Quoran.

You may get delusional people or youngsters by surprise - but I'm not sure that'll work on anybody after 20.

January 12 2020

This is a spin on the (British?) kid which was denied an experimental treatment as the Doctors thought the chance of success was too small to justify the potential pain the baby would endure during the procedure and the travel.

It's not as ludicrous as it seems. It's a horrible example of how cruel life can be and how harsh bureaucracy can turn out in such extreme situations.
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January 09 2020

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January 08 2020

Ich weiß nicht ob das Technische Museum noch die Energieausstellung hat - aber auf der Skala arbeitest du nicht mehr mit Akkus.

Da arbeitest du entweder mit thermischen Speichern oder verwendest Wasser und Turbinen und pumpst mit der Energie die nicht abgenommen wird Wasser irgendwo hin um dann später Wasserturbinen anzutreiben.

Prinzipiell ist da natürlich der Wirkungsgrad katastrophal schlechter als im Vergleich zu kohlenstoff basierten Energiespeichern - allerdings kümmert das nicht bei überschüssiger Energie.
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January 05 2020

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January 04 2020

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January 03 2020

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January 01 2020

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