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July 19 2019

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Here’s a little platypus for all of u.



The ol’ razzle dazzle

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July 18 2019


> the price expresses a point between high enough so you are willing to provide it and low enough for me to be willing to pay it.

That's true. And those points are determined by demand and supply.

> are you generally more willing to do a thing that took less time to learn?

Yes, that holds up as a general rule. Except for things I'm intrinsically interested in. It's a very strong heuristic, which was explained at length in the book "Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow"

> that would mean you would be just as willing to do a low-skilled job for low pay as a high-skilled job for high pay..

No, that's not following at all. It just means, in general, people rather choose the path of the smallest resistance.

But it's a multivariat problem figuring out what you'd do for a living. Different problem, although it's directly related to the supply of skilled and experienced workers.

> of course neither the time spent doing a thing nor the time spent learning determine the value of some work.

No, but it's a function of supply. See first point for explanation why it matters.

> generally speaking, learning should provide more value than the time and energy spent by learning.

That's a trivial point, which is still worth pointing out because I think many people do not get it.

If you want to stay strictly about where's the price coming from, than we're talking about demand and supply.

Hard to earn knowledge and experience would be a function of supply, thus said story makes still sense. Demand is just the other important factor.

Your babbling on the other hand ... that was either a weak try at the socratic method, or a learn-disability :-P

July 17 2019

That the worth of an action is not determined by its duration but its effect - which may learn many years to learn and achieve.

It does not say, that those 30 minutes are worth 10 years of an arbitrary wage ...
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I get your point. For the exact same reason Imanuel Kant opposed the French revolution.

The hard problem is the immunity. I don't see how anarchic state could successfully defend against an organised, authoritarian violence by an aggressor.

Regarding the violence: would you say Singapore is more archaic than the US because their violent crime stats are way better?

July 15 2019

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Head of security

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July 12 2019

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