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January 29 2018

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Rick Reacts: Hodling is bullshit; spend-and-replace is what wins the game.
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January 26 2018

Pretty on point.










I’m really glad that KC Green’s work is being more widely recognized after the whole “This is not fine” comic came out.

He’s been in the comic making game for a really long time and he has…a bit of a knack for creating things that are used as reaction images and never credited back to him.

He’s a really cool guy and a great artist and I HIGHLY recommend following his work.

i feel like its important to add that hes also responsible for dickbutt. thats an important part of his resume

Some lesser known KC Green Career Highlights:

honestly I swear he’s like. the best at unintentionally making reaction images

He also did the “I guess!” comic, didn’t he?

We’ve all been fans of KC Green this whole time and never even knew

there’s also THIS classic, which is usually reduced to this: 

for a reaction image 

a majority of these comics come from KC’s Gunshow! It’s over now but it ran for a loooong time and has an amazing archive of his comics. I HIGHLY recommend reading through it all, it’s a goldmine

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January 25 2018


January 22 2018

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January 19 2018

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That's an interesting site, thanks.

Ben Shapiro is a poster-boy of the conservatives in USA. He's anti-trump and an enemy of the alt-right, but still a conservative republican. Religious (orthodox-jew), libertarian (no wealthfare), capitalistic, etc. He runs the DailyWire website. 

January 17 2018

Nah, I don't get it. It's just absurd to me to prefer your own death than to force someone through a birth.

Would that mean you'd prefer that you're killed instead of a stranger being tortured for 20 hours? Or ist that some kind of Freudian love for your mother that you think you have to protect her from pregnancy and birthgiving and only related to your mother? I suppose it's not a general suicidal tendency, is it?

This notion that as the fetus in danger, you'd rather die is really puzzeling to me.
Sorry to interrupt, but a question: are there studies on decreased suicide rate?

Ben Shapiro quotes all the time that there is no significant change in suicide rate between transitioned and non-transitioned trans-people. So it would be interesting to see the sources of the non-conservatives.
Why would you rather die than prevent the death of a being you brought into existence by your own fault?

I see that this is your own opinion and it's very appreciated that you have the guts to say what your basic axioms are, but to me there's a missing link or something.

Intellectually, I tend to say it's murder in any phase of development of the baby. But I also see the problem of the right of controlling your own body. So, practically I tend to say it should be legally allowed till 20 weeks but still think it's a horrible thing to do.

January 16 2018

Bitte für konservativ angehauchte Katholiken, mit starken anarchokapitalistischen Tendenzen, mit ungebrochener Liebe für die soziale Marktwirtschaft und liberalen Rechtsstaaten: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen bisexuell und anarcho-bisexuell?
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