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July 01 2017

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So funktioniert Politik: Mit der "Ehe für alle" die Leute ablenken, und gleichzeitig das Zensurgesetz verabschieden...
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June 30 2017

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Delivering a feature as described in specs

/* by The coding love */

June 29 2017

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afloweroutofstone: This is one of the best

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June 27 2017


Go, watch the first part and then the second part. Listen carefully to the part where he talks about not siding with the ones "protecting" rights of blacks, or gays, or whatever. He uses the prof. who says "negro" for his point.

That's the spot where he tells very clearly, that everybody not siding with them is siding with the racists and that everybody has to decide what to back.

I don't know what Lacy Green does and the only thing I know about Sargon is his last interview with Dave Rubin. Shoe0nHead is completely new to me. Never heard that before. (Is it me, or does the gal look like boxxy?) But I assume, you mean that's a good thing? I'd say it is.

Regarding the racism debate: There's still a lot shit going on and I think implicit bias is a thing. But I don't buy into the default explanation "systemic racism" for everything going wrong our communities.

The statistics just speaks a different language.


I'm not sure about that. Engineering in general – although it's still debatable if a software engineer is an engineer – is one of the few virtuous occupations where you create tools, procedures and processes to improve the life of people.

The idea that it's somehow wrong that the institution which provides you not only with the environment, resources and people but also with the connections to other institutions to do so, gets the rights of the inventions you come up with during working hours, isn't following for me.

I think it's perfectly fair.

The only problem is: the more senior you become as engineer, the less technical your work gets and the more you have to work with people to get the requirements straight. But even that's OK, I think.

Research for research sakes, is a different monster. To me, even harder to slay. I'm an engineer, not a computer scientist although I'm studying computer science and have a secret love for mathematics. It gets really interesting in the intersection parts like model driven engineering, machine learning, distributed systems, etc. I do that in my free time too.

To make it short: I'm some kind of nerd and I really love what I'm doing. I did not pick it by accident and I'm glad I sticked to it.

Outside of engineering or science for that matter, you may still find good paths. If you want to stay in research it's rather easy to know what you'll do with your degree. Doing an economics degree and coming up with a possible occupation is also easily possible. Doing a language degree, you may get into advertisement or taking on a journalist job.

Doing something you not even know what you could do with? Absurd! Why the hack is that your plan A than? It should be a hobby than, not the thing you're planning to base your future on.


Contrapoints videos have a very strange but still mesmerizing style. It's not only the reduced, home video like visual style but also the rapid cascade of clever sounding arguments which are able to grab my attention. The costumes and his sort of humor are helping too.

But the core point is still faulty and the conclusions are outrageous stupid.

Despite the fact that he has some valid points when it comes to the consistency of the arguments of Hitchens, his main point from which he infers all the other points is: You're either with us or against us.

Contrapoint paints a picture of a black/white world where ridiculing the growing length of the LGBT* acronym means automatically that you're homophobe but also that you're a racist and bigot. He tries to play the guilt card against everybody who has his own thoughts about quotas, migration regulation, anti-racism racism, and all the other demands of the progressive left.

The basic assumption is, it's a binary choice.

Politics is not and never was a yes or no choice except in totalitarian regimes. Trying to bully everybody into choosing one extreme because any other position automatically means you're siding with the other extreme is not only fucked up beyond believe but also a dangerous gamble.

Attacking people like Dave Rubin and painting them as a facist supporter because they're interviewing conservatives – like he does interview with liberals – is so enormously destructive to everything the left wants to stand for that I'm missing the words to describe that further.

When I look at what happened at Evergreen State College with Bret Weinstein, I do start to believe Ben Shapiro was right with the basic premise of his book Bullies. The left is unable to lead a debate on base of arguments and facts instead of feelings and emotions. That's why they're trying to demonize everybody who disagrees.

Intellectual bullies playing power politics in the name of victims.

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June 25 2017

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What the fuck are you studying? The idea that I can't use my degree is completely absurd to me ...
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Peter Pilz nicht mehr für Nationalrat nominiert

Ist schon bedenklich, wenn die, die einzige Person von der Liste für den Nationalrat kicken, die man als politischen Frontkämpfer bezeichnen kann. Alle anderen Gestalten in den Reihen der Grünen glänzen vor allem durch ihre Unscheinbarkeit oder im schlimmsten Fall durch ideologische Verblendung. Mir schwant Übles für das nächste Ergebnis der Grünen.

June 24 2017

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June 23 2017

Inseminating my husband
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June 21 2017

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