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It's not about the resources, but about the hassle of finding stuff. Oh, and by the way, resources do play a role.

whereas my boxes probably wouldn't need any, or maybe like a little stub of a shell, i don't know exactly how unix stuff works.

Seems like it. Your proposal is bascially starting every process with & and letting the terminal program keep an eye on it.

That's an approach - but as I said - I don't think that's valuable for the majority of terminal users.

You could patch your terminal app to do just that and look at all the side effects it has. If that's still fine with it, you may roll on with the solution.

if you wanna access a computer from everywhere, just carry it around with you. that also mitigates evil maid attacks.

I'd need a lot of trucks to do that. Doesn't sound valuable to me. :-P

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