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[...] fairly clear in that you cannot own people. after all, why else wouldn't the state be the owner of it's subjects, and therefore justified to it's rule?

That's a fair point. You're right.

i guess their "free market" less of a moral principle (or it's consequence) and more of an excuse for the status quo (ignoring state intervention and spending, i guess)..

I don't think that's the case. The Libertarian Party is very articulate when it comes to arguing against the GOP version of capitalism - which they correctly call corporatism. And they're the poster boy for Anarcho Capitalism.

The declared goal of the libertarian party in the US is to fight big state government, kill as many regulations as possible - e.g. they're have very loud arguments about driving licenses - and open up the market the competition.

The GOPs version of capitalism is lobby driven big state governing with companies buying laws to crush competition. That's nothing new, even Ayn Rand mashed that into her novel Atlas Shrugged.

It would be unfair to use that argument because there are some Alt-Righters on the boat. The crazy people ratio seems to be high, but the conservativly regressive amount of people is neglectable. There's the GOP for them ...

On a side note: One of the problems I see, is that free market capitalism and powerful states are determined to end up in such configuration. But that's just a these of mine.

Thanks for the link! Will listen into it. 

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