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On a second thought: I think you'll need a bit context to understand my reasoning: I'm currently listing to a lot of political podcasts from the US. Especially Rubin Report and Ben Shapiros podcasts. Both are self proclaimed old-school liberals which lean to the anarcho-capitalist side.

Being exposed to this - at least to me - alien way of thinking changed my own opinion. In some cases I left some dogmas behind me, in some cases I developed an even stronger urge to oppose free-market laissez faire capitalism.

The reason is: As soon as you start talking the ideas seriously, you have to mind the extremes. So I was thinking about how you can stay true and sound to the ideology and its philosophy and come up with strange ideas.

So, seeing this post, posted under the category "Anarcho Capitalism" made me think how this strange ideas and the overall philosophy are connected.

At least to me, it was obvious how and why that renders the idea that 100% pure anarcho capitalism is something good absurd.

We need better models of how people and societies functions, which led to the other topic about the humanities ...

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