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March 24 2017


[...] because art drives science [...]

I can't agree to that.

People who are deeply interested in science drives science. People who want to turn it into a business drive science. Competition drives science. (E.g. GPS, the moon landing). Art can give input. That's it.

The scientists I know have a deeply driven attitude towards their subject. They do it for theirs subject matter. Additionally, there are business types who are able to understand the technology and turn it into products with the help of designers and engineers. This spawns the improvements needed to turn a scientific theory into a products and gives a lot of feedback to the scientific theory.

As long as Intel drives chip design and not Asimov, I think you just can't say that everything is driven by art. It's simply not true.

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Almost a third of every male starts smoking at 15, for girls it's almost 50%.

Even our laws are terrible screwed when it comes to smoking. Instead of a clear decision wether you're allowed to smoke inside of bars and restaurants or not, they decided to introduce the obligation to create smoker- and non-smoker areas. Cost a lot to upgrade the air ventilation systems.

This didn't work and people continued to smoke, so now only a few years later, they plan to finally ban it like in other countries. Which hurts especially restaurants which weren't small enough to dodge the bullet of the ventilation system in the first place.

It's like the "Ausländermaut" in Germany. Not fish, not meat.

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Don't dare to come to Austria. Even worse.
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March 23 2017

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Children are our future

Yes they are. Millennials are almost 20 somethings to early 30s. They're not kids anymore.


Seeking the reassurement of an anonymous mass by their likes, thumbs ups or shares isn't confidence.


Throwing killing phrases like racist, sexist or bigot at everybody you're either to lazy or incompetent to fend off in a serious discussion and rely on victim-hood as a marker for value doesn't help here.

Change is bad

It's neither good nor bad. It's a fact and brings good and bad things.


The economy is in a growth period again. What ruined the housing market was a huge state induced incentive to take and give mortgages you expect to pay or get payed back.

Instead of a big clearance of the market when this bubble bursted, the state stepped in again and saved a lot of banks with shady arguments to make the next bubble possible.

That's exactly the policy many people demand - e.g. Sanders and Hillary. Which were both popular in the generation of the millennials. (Don't get me started on the reps, though)

We're living in a society which provides us with so many opportunities like no generation before. We have technology which makes it possible to create billion Euro businesses with literally nothing more than ideas, an internet connection and a decent computer. 

In Europe it's not even a problem to sink the company in such an attempt - the state will take care of you. 

I'm a millennial and I think many of the stuff our generation has brought is fantastic. But a lot isn't. It's not a bad thing to point that out.


Das war nie ein Problem bis einige Leute angefangen haben dieses unsinnige Meme aus den Staaten in Europa zu importieren.

Just saying


You evil bastard!


March 22 2017

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March 21 2017


Much better, as it's finally possible to read the texts without the need to hover over the post.

But the color mix is not my cup of coffee - looks very hard and not harmonic. The mosaic pattern of the posts just doesn't work with CSS alone.


well, prehistoric humans cared for their families/tribes.. they were also pretty likely to actively murder people.* (prehistoric humans, not neanderthals in particular)

(that isn't to say that people couldn't care more for each other, or that state capitalism doesn't create needless rivalry. fuck "natural" is all i'm saying. :P )

*edited, i posted an incomplete sentence before

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March 19 2017

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