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February 14 2019

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February 12 2019

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February 08 2019

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November 09 2018

I didn't lose a single word about meassuring how hard it is and that's the topic I did not want to open. My point is, that it's not impossible - which it isn't. That is easily proven by people you were fat and now aren't. And that's a fact I clearly can habe and usw.

Ehrlicherweise muss ich sagen: könnte Naivität sein.

Auf der anderen Seite, gibt's eben auch andere Möglichkeiten. Als Österreicher, bin ich relativ gepolstert von staatlicher Absicherung.

  • Studium lässt sich mit einem McDonalds-Job und Förderung locker bewältigen. Bei dem Punkt hab ich überhaupt kein Mitleid. Es gibt so viele Möglichkeiten - teilweise mit gesetzlich abgesichertem Anspruchsrecht - sich das Studium zu finanzieren, dass der Punkt überhaupt keine Rolle spielt in Österreich.
  • Krankheitskosten? Alles was mir begegnet ist, war über unsere gesetzliche Sozialversicherung abgedeckt.
  • Unternehmensgründung ist auch so ein Thema. Punkt a) habe ich mehrfach miterlebt wie das Leute ohne private Schulden gemacht haben mit Partnern und Risikoinvestment, andererseits gibt's Möglichkeiten auch Geld zu sparen bevor man es ausgibt. Ich dachte zB. daran als Zeitsoldat in's Ausland zu gehen um das Grundkapital für 'ne GmbH zu sparen. Habe mich dann aber für's Studium entschieden - neben meinem Job ;-)
  • Volkswirtschaft ist ein anderes Thema. Dieses absurde Pyramidenspiel muss irgendwann kollabieren wenn die Schulden nicht abgebaut werden.
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elder sun
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isn't telling fat people that being thin would be better for them then kinda like telling someone with only one kidney left that having two would be better for them?

Lets assume you're right with the problem of people not being able to keep the weight down. Not sure about the scientific evidence here, so I don't open up this topic. My point is completely different:

Nobody in their right mind would dispute having two kidneys is better than having one.

Saying that out loud is not bullying towards single-kidney-people. It's just the truth.

Trying to keep people from getting obese in the first place is a good idea, sure, but "it's better to lose weight" doesn't help fat people and this kind of "concerned comment" is only a little better than outright bullying when it's about something you can't change.

This is ludicrous.

Of course you can change it. It's just very hard - not impossible.

Your logic reminds me of this simpsons bit:

You can change it. It's just hard. 

Would you also say it's bullying to say somebody should lose their tobacco addiction, their alcohol addiction or their meth "habbit"?


really isn't depending on weight.

That's the part which makes it horse shit. Because of course it is. It's a multivariant equation and weight is one variable.

Take another variable: Smoking. There are many very sporty and healthy people but smoke. Nobody who had their shit together would claim it's fine to smoke because those people exist and being bullied is bad for you. (And eg. in Ireland you'll be bullied for smoking)

That logic does not compute.

There are two distinct problems: People being nasty to fat people and being fat is bad for health. Both are true at the same time and you should fix 1) without negating problem 2).

November 08 2018

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He also manufactured ammunition for German tanks. 
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This article is horse shit.

It assumes these things:

  • Being nasty to fat people is nasty. (I agree)
  • Being thin does not automatically translates to healthy (which is true) and being fat does not automatically translates to being unhealty (also true). Therefore we should stop telling people being fat is bad for health. That's of course, is horse shit. If there's strong correlation and in some cases even causations, we should say it very clearly that it's bad for health.
  • As people are nasty to fat people to get them thin, we should just stop assuming being thin is better for health. (What the fuck?)

This is blown up with a lot of whiny stories to increase the word count.

If you're fat and healthy, good for you, it's still better to lose weight because this decreases the probability of getting some illnesses.

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