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September 20 2019

Cross-Plattform-Entwicklung: NativeScript soll auch unter iOS V8 verwenden

Die an Googles JavaScript-Engine angepasste Laufzeitumgebung soll die konsistente Entwicklung für iOS und Android vereinfachen.

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September 17 2019

When you warn the kid that it should stop it and it doesn't, so you shout "So!" and get up.

September 13 2019

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That's exactly how it feels at 2am in the morning 
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Then the annoying loud French, British, Amis and Russians arrive, Austrians and Germans be like

September 10 2019

Dealing the second
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September 06 2019

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you should also ask why polluting is profitable [...]

I'm currently reading a few books on the Austrian school of economics. I think this is the weakest point of all the argumentation for a just and moral capitalism like the fellows at the Mises institute try to argue for.

Postponing costs, even lethal consequences, and hoping that the market will be able to cope in promise of a short-term profit sounds insane to me.

But who will enforce the inclusion of the actual costs into products? Nobody can know. Currently, the only solution is "violence" in terms of state issued laws and taxes.

Did not find another approach yet, except making everything private and sue afterwards. Maybe it's indoctrination, but that does not sound more attractive to me. How would you approach that problem?

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i'm sorry the wah... O_o
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